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Carheel Consulting provides career development services for individuals who are interested in determining a career path, advancing in their career, or transitioning into a new career.  

Our consultations are customized to address each individual's specific needs. We focus on our participants' passions as the foundation for their career path exploration.  

We develop strategic plans with step-by-step guides to assist with identifying career opportunities and positioning for career advancement or transition.   



Carheel Consulting provides career counseling services to individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, or low income.  

Our all-encompassing approach allows us to establish an in-depth understanding of our participants' needs and provide support services to eliminate barriers that are impeding their career advancement.  

We work closely with our community partners to ensure our participants have access to resources such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, and tutoring.  

By taking advantage of these services, our participants are able to focus on obtaining the education and skills necessary to secure employment.  



Carheel Consulting provides strategic job placement services in partnership with community career centers and employment agencies.  

Our strategic approach to job placement takes an in-depth look into an individual's desired career and qualifications, such as education, skill level, work history, and personality.  

We provide honest feedback and recommendations on best practices for every stage of the job placement life cycle, which includes:


  • Identifying a career path and evaluating qualifications

  • Guidance in obtaining the required education, skills, and certifications 

  • Resume preparation, review, and submission

  • Leveraging job search technology

  • Interview preparation and follow-up

  • Job offer and negotiations

  • Job acceptance and transition


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